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Closing your dreams in life. Personally yours. Closing your dreams in life. Personally yours.
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To send a request on the selection of personnel

Information about the company.
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Sphere of activity:
Name, surname and position of contact person:
Web-site address:
Actual address of company:

Description of vacancy.
Name of position:
Functional duties:
To whom a specialist submits:
Amount of inferiors, their positions:

Requirements to the candidate.
Registration:  Moscow  
   Moscow area
Gender:  Male   Female  
Age: from   to   

Knowledge of foreign languages: (degree of domain, for what aims)
Knowledge of the PC (degree of domain, programs):
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Additional requirements:

Terms of accepting.
Form of accepting:  permanent agreement  
 urgent agreement for     
Chart of work: from   to   daily workweek   
Special terms:  business trips  
   removable work
Duration of trial period:
Salary on a trial period:
Salary in future:
Duration of annual vacation:
Payment of sick-leave authorization:

Whether the additional forms of indemnifications and encouragements of labor are foreseen:
   grant on a feed
   free feed
   payment of passage
   payment of mobile telephone
   official car
   medical insurance
   payment of petrol

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