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Closing your dreams in life. Personally yours. Closing your dreams in life. Personally yours.
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Types of trainings

The Skilled - Center "Time of Personnel" offers services in working out and realization of programs of corporate training.
Corporate training is a training which is conducted for your company, with allowance for specificity of business, a market segment and corporate culture of your organization, focused on your strategic targets and problems. Adaptation of the training program under a primary audience is made, professional experience and personal characteristics of participants of training is considered.
The basic themes of corporate trainings:
Skills of effective sales
Active sales Telemarketing, telephone saleses
Term creating
Effective presentation
Controlling of stress
Work with claims
Controlling of conflicts
Work at an exhibition
The company "Time of Personnel" possesses all necessary resources and possibilities for working out of new trainings by request of our Clients.
Trainings are conducted by competent experts with a wide experience of work in the field of personnel training and organizational development.
All participants of trainings are ensured by methodical materials.

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