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Closing your dreams in life. Personally yours. Closing your dreams in life. Personally yours.
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Company "Integrator IT" it is the permanent client of Skilled Center "Time of Personnel". Initiative and skilled approach of employees of Skilled Center "Time of Personnel" to the selection of shots allows to us successfully to decide the questions of making up of the staff of the state professional specialists. In times of our collaboration the Skilled Center «Time of Personnel» showed oneself as a reliable partner in area of selection of personnel.
With kind regards,
Ageev Evgeny Venjaminovich
Director of automation department
OOO «Integrator IT»
We thank you for a beneficial  collaboration on the selection of specialists in area of building. We recommend Skilled Center «Time of Personnel» to the companies which search reliable, high-professional and well knowing modern Russian business of partner.
Kopeykin Vladimir Nikolaevich
the Executive director
OOO ASK «Advokat Kachestva»
Possibly, will sound sufficiently loud, but such high service and qualification in area of recruiting we did not meet. From the moment of our first appeal in Skilled Center «Time of Personnel» we became corporate clients and work only with this agency. The employees of this company are distinguished by a high competence both in area of estimation of personality descriptions of candidates and professional qualities, in addition, they take into account the corporate culture of our company. Thank you, sure will co-operate in future.
Kivolya Sergey Petrovich
the Director general
OOO «TF Pyramid Plus»
Skilled Center «Time of Personnel» distinguishes professionalism, expert estimation of candidates. Consultants «Time of Personnel» realized projects on the selection of personnel in all key departments of our Company: department of sales, book-keeping, service, ware-house complex. I consider that after such Companies the future of recruiting in Russia. I hope on a further, fruitful collaboration.
Topchiev Vasiliy Sergeevich
the Director general
OOO «»
Company ZAO «Mary Kay» co-operates with Skilled Center «Time of Personnel» during two years. It would be desirable to thank the employees of Company for their professionalism, operation ability, high level of responsibility in-process, individual going near every opened vacancy. I hope on a further mutually beneficial collaboration with Skilled Center «Time of Personnel».
With kind regards,
Helen Burlaka
the Senior specialist on a selection and development of personnel
ZAO «Mary Kay»
ZAO «Suntec» it is the permanent client of Skilled Center «Time of Personnel». In times of our collaboration consultants «Time of Personnel» picked up specialists in the department of book-keeping, Foreign economic activity, logistic, legal department, administrative department. It is desirable to mark individual approach and high professional level of specialists of «Time of Personnel», and also to voice hope on a further mutually beneficial collaboration.
Sargaev Alexander Victorovich
the Director general
ZAO «Suntec»
Structural subdivision STS Holding Group OOO "Aquarell" co-operates with Skilled Center «Time of Personnel» during one year. This collaboration allows to mark Skilled Center «Time of Personnel», as a stable and professional company working at the market of recruiting.
High level of specialists of company, enables high-quality and operatively to pick up employees. The consultants of agency present candidates, only after a competitive selection always can give a skilled and scalene estimation.
The personal touch of agency is ethics of relations, both with client and with competitors.
We satisfied with work of Skilled Center «Time of Personnel» and hope on a further collaboration.
Company "Aquarell" expresses gratitude to the employees of agency and recommends Skilled Center «Time of Personnel», as a reliable and professional partner at the market of recruiting in Russia.
With kind regards
the Director general
OOO  «Aquarell»
Natalia Pokhvischeva
OOO «Maral Trade» works with Skilled Center «Time of Personnel» from the moment of his foundation. This company is distinguished by exceptionally sensitive attitude toward necessities and requirements of client. «Time of Personnel» in the earliest possible dates picks up specialists on the most difficult vacancies. It is pleasant to work with a company which executes the undertaken obligations fully.
Helen Romacheva
Manager on the personnel
OOO «Maral Trade»
Personnel» for the selection of highly skilled specialists on the sales of polydiene services.
All candidates are presented by Skilled Center «Time of Personnel» fully corresponded to our query. We needed to choose the best from the best. Characterizing work of this company, it is desirable to mark professionalism, operation ability and individual going near the necessities of customer.
Mikhail Belyakov
Director General
OOO " Polygrahpcorton"
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