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Closing your dreams in life. Personally yours. Closing your dreams in life. Personally yours.
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Terms of collaboration

Cost of our services in working out and realization of  trainings programs depends on two major factors:
  • the Theme of training
  • Duration of  trainings programs
Undoubtedly, service cost is a subject of negotiations in which process interests of the parties are as much as possible considered and adjusted.
Into cost enters:
Diagnostics of participants of training
Working out or adaptation of the program training
Realization Methodical materials
the Post-trainings support
the Report for a management on the conducted work, with recommendations
Payment order:
We work on the conditions of advance payments. Advance payment constitutes 50 % from service cost, payment is made within two bank days from the moment of agreement signing. The second part of the fee - 50 %, is paid within three bank days from the moment of project end.
Quantity of participants of training:
From 8 to 18 employees, optimum 10-12 persons.
Duration of training:
From 2 till 3 days, on 8 class periods during the day, with lunch breaks (1 hour) and two coffee-pauses (for 15 minutes).
The warranty:
the post-training support
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